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Ningbo Linkbasic Information Technology Co., Ltd.
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About Us Brief IntroductionIn this e-business era , organization 's systems are progressively becoming mission vital , knock-down business models demands mellow quality , firm communications solutions . Linkbasic Networks provides the right-hand solutions for you and make it light for you to share information full network cabling solutions , we specialize in developing advance solutions that helps organizations manage voice , data and video communication over a unmarried multi-service infrastructure . Our head office is located in Shanghai , the economy hub of China . we have two plants , one for cables production in Shanghai city , the early for connectors manufacturing in Yuyao city , Zhejiang province . We do this by developing and manufacturing advanced products for the transmission of voice , data and , more lately , video-imaging signals . With a reputation for technical excellence , our comprehensive product range includes a across-the-board portfolio of UTP , STP , and Fiber Optics products . Our extremely qualified stuff includes engineering and development , manufacturing control and warehouse personal , as easily as sales , customer service and marketing support , our inviolable team of R & D keeps amply support of expert solutions . Through a program of operator ownership all employees are creditworthy for the quality of their ain work-have the authority to control it , we practice procedures to make trusted that customers are glad the beginning time , all the time . technological supportOver 10 years in the connectivity product business has given us the expertise to help you solve the problematic problems.We fell it is authoritative to share this knowledge with our customers through the use of educational resources . This section is incessantly updated and your feedback is encouraged.We have the ability to manufacture custom products in gravid or belittled volumes.Fast turnaround is likewise useable if needed.Our custom design process is uncomplicated and makes working with us as loose as 1-2-3.Capability Linkbasic strves to offer the highest quality plastic injection tooling available.We give you the mellow quality commitment based on the precision equipment , substantially trained staff , and fantabulous management.At present , we have CNC equipment and all the relevant machine Center , we could meet the pressing jobs requested by customer.our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the forward-looking machines or prototyping , tooling , electroplating , stamping molding , precision turning , auto-assemble and packaging and so on.Our extremely dependent stuff includes engineering and development , manufacturing contorl and warehouse personal , as easily as sales , customer service and marketing support , our unattackable team or R & D keeps full support of technicians to develop the Stack Molding and Twin-Shot Molding successfully.Quality Policy At Linkbasic we care about quality.We are ISO 9001:2000 registered.We incessantly Work firmly to improve our products and services so that we can keep our customers satisfied .
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