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Wholesale Screen class: AC 15V Water Pump Pressure Controller With Four Main Pump And An Auxiliary P

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Shenzhen Powtech Co., Ltd.

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Product Attributes

- Brand Name POWTECH

- Model Number PT-D141-1

- Place of Origin China

- Related Keywords water pump pressure switch, automatic water pump controller

Description by Manufacturer

PT-D141-1 Microcomputer Water Pump Pressure Controller With Four Main Pump And An Auxiliary Pump

Product features:

■ 5-inch super LCD display

■ Four main pump auxiliary pumps (4+1)

■ RS485 PC control

■ Fault alarm and record

■ Hand/automatic one-button switch

■ 0~5V (10V) or 4~20mA pressure feedback signal

■ Peak water and regular water supply set

Quick Detail:

Input PoPTr    

Input voltage


Voltage allowable fluctuation range


Input current


Input poPTr


Control mode

Maximum control range

Four main pumps with an auxiliary pump

Application environment


-5ºC to +55ºC(No freezing)


below 90%(No shoPTring)


Indoor(No sunlight, no corrosion ,no inflammable gas ,oil mist ,dust ,etc)


LoPTr than 2000m

Protection class

Front panel IP65


5-inch highlight large LCD screen
The Powtech inverter micro-computer controller of constant-pressure water supply, and the height and simple, easy to operate, and it has a stylish, 4 * 12 large-size LCD, text display, indicating that comprehensive, rich and perfect the text prompt, so that the general of the pump housing management staff without a complex of training, and also to the operating with ease, without professional engineers to its operation. For installation and debugging, telephone communication to deal with the general failure to save time, more easily. In addition, Supermicro constant pressure water supply controller can be shown on the display clearly shows its frequency, frequency, conversion performance. The LCD display, the set at a glance, and in particular provide settings for the ASP services phone (user-set) to make it more convenient for contact as quickly as possible with the relevant issues.

One drive control four main pumps and a secondary pump
The Powtech inverter PC constant pressure water supply controller, and adaptable to the various internal and external pressure sensor and converter match, use range. The maximum control range 4 large pumps, 1 small pump (4 + 1). Switch output all the relay outputs that can be direct-drive contactors. Analog and switch, all with opto-isolated, anti-interference capability, with a view to enhancing the comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility. Adaptable for use with various internal and external pressure sensor and converter match, use wide range. password feature (parameter set a password before you can set), security settings, in order to prevent false alarms to be attended to. While you can do timed shut-down function, time to accumulate.

Failure query function no water alarm
The Powtech inverter PC constant pressure water supply controller, with the query function, you can confirm that the latest time of the alarm, and the time in seconds to record 10, fault information, facilitate the understanding controllers, the operation of the system. Details of the failure to repair of the system is extremely simple, easy, and engineering staff through the information it is clear that the understanding fault handling, fast to targeted programs. No water in the water tank warning shut-down features to protect water pump. Date and Time Setting functions, convenient record various failure conditions of the time for query searches. The Fuzzy control theory, Automatic Optimization of Parameters, it is simple and convenient to operate, fast response, high precision, and switching pumps, the net pressure shock.

Timing for pump changing function , increase water pump life
The Powtech inverter PC constant pressure water supply controller, a timer switch pump feature to prevent the pump run time is too long, and can be used to pinpoint a specific time, the scientific distribution pump running hours and records, improve water pump life. Available in two power-saving modes: sleep function and the small pump features. Sleep function to the unit on a daily basis with the zero flow interval automatically stops pump, and based on the specific needs to start, intermittent water supply, energy savings, the small pump features can resolve the water volume hours of emergency, save start the pump power. Ultra-high pressure, water, and pressure signal, the anti-burglary, such as pressure auto-detect feature, according to the actual situation automatically stop pump operation to avoid burglary and damage to the equipment, and is completely stable.

RS485 the centralized control
The Powtech inverter PC constant pressure water supply controller, you can RSA 85 interface with the connection (optional). Professional remote monitoring PC platform, from the computer terminal real-time monitoring, pump group to run, and the time pressure, frequency other parameters, record system to run the various parameters, automatically saved and can generate EXCEL form printing. Wireless delivery feature (optional) up to 2000 m long-range wireless monitoring, intelligent management, and simple system, and the functions are very powerful. System pressure set point pressure, as well as starting and stopping any interval is adjustable to regulate the pressure accuracy is less than +- 0.1 MPa. On the panel can be either Manual, Automatic control any one pump.

Unattended automatic operation function
 The Powtech inverter PC constant pressure water supply controller, and a full-Drive Protection and motor protection function, the auto-run without dedicated value. All pumps are available in shielded Access pumps or long-term shut-down of the pump operating and the new pump combination control. There are two water supply mode: timer mode (loop start, frequency increase pump), and peak water supply mode (Direct, direct the frequency increase pump) to meet different circumstances of the water conditions of the country. The automatic masking, and when the system a pump when a problem occurs, the system can automatically skip the pump running, start pumping down or stand-by pump, water is running and the alarm, to deal with a failed Pump to gain time.

Products recycle
We are actively engaged in the environmental friendly design, production, distribution and recycling processes. Environmental protection is our overall strategy a part of policy-making. The Powtech inverter will guarantee the safety and security of the product, and optimize energy and natural resource consumption. The part of the 88 Per cent renewable. They can be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the European Directive WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) for energy recovery (with energy recovery incineration) or material recovery (recycling).

Use unleaded solder
The Powtech inverter as part of the production environment and energy-saving products, high-tech environmental protection enterprises, with the procurement, materials used, the production, and note in each and every element of environmental protection, we have an important task. In about 2000 years ago, to lead to major components of the solder used for heterogeneous metal materials, now used for industrial machinery, computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. almost all of the electronic products • electrical printed circuit wiring splicing materials, and so on. However, it has always been as a solder main ingredient uses of lead is in the environment impact of the material (environmental load material), so as the environment awareness-raising, and the call for the elimination of the use of lead. July 2006, the European Force WEEE &RoHS command, use the key ingredients that contain lead solder or sales use to lead to major components of the product, and is in the European and shall not be permitted. The OSCE's drive, as well as many of the world's manufacturers to Promote Lead-free solder, strives to meet WEEE &RoHS instruction. The Euro Converter, use lead-free solder. The Lead (Pb) -free solder to Sn - Ag - Cu (TIN, silver, copper) and Sn - Bi (Tin and bismuth) solder the main ingredient, added Ni (NI) and Ge (germanium). A joint, and heat-resistant, and thus inhibit oxidation scum (tin oxide) Reduction of outstanding features.

Strict selection and reasonable combination of materials
The Powtech inverter, the materials used in accordance with the least amount of impact on the environment principles. Consistent with the use of lead, 6 price chrome material, as the European Directive ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

Product Image

AC 15V Water Pump Pressure Controller With Four Main Pump And An Auxiliary Pump

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Learning from others, Powtech brings together the elite team in the field of frequency conversion and control, has engaged in years of senior research, procurement and manufacture team, makes the high-quality products; Also introduced in the frequency converter industry engaged in more than 10 years of marketing team, to provide professional, high quality service to customers, "Integrity, unity, pragmatic, innovative" as Powtech's spirit, to build brand new high quality talents in the field of frequency conversi

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