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Wholesale Clock: Three Dimensional Image LCD HMI / Human Machine Interface For Frequency Converter

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Shenzhen Powtech Co., Ltd.

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Company Address 3A Floor, Block B Xin Bao Sheng NO.233 Xi Xiang Avenue BaoAn,undefined,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China (Mainland)


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- Brand Name POWTECH

- Model Number PT-70CTS

- Place of Origin China

- Related Keywords hmi touch panel, hmi human machine interface

Description by Manufacturer

■ 4.3 inch TFT LCD display
■ Configuration software, easy to get started
■ Support multicast communications PLC connection
■ Fault alarm and record
■ Can monitor the main PLC, frequency converter and other equipments
■ With RS232 and RS422, RS485 com

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4.3 -inch TFT LCD color display

The Powtech inverter PT-43CT man-machine interface , also known as Stephen real-time online monitoring system, is a visual industrial controllers . 4.3 inch TFT LCD color display with three-dimensional images, animations , images display.

4-wire analog resistive touch screen, interactive , touch the world

The Powtech inverter PT-43CT man-machine interface using 4 -wire analog resistive touch screen and 32-bit RISC 200MHz clocked CPU, human-computer interaction is very convenient.

Owned RS232, RS422, RS485 communication port

The Powtech inverter PT-43CT interface, built-in RS232, RS422, RS485 serial communication port , can be easily connected with a variety of devices . Power : HMI power supply is DC24V or DC5V, 0 PIN: +24 VD or 5V, 1 PIN: 0V. Serial : HMI has an RS232, RS422 and RS485 communication port and a composite way RS232 connection download port .

Supports multi-point communication PLC connection

The Powtech inverter PT-43CT man-machine interface , support for multi-point communication PLC connection , you can connect up to 31 units of the same model PLC. By Download port configuration can be edited under the project file transmitted by the PC HMI, through PIN 2 ~ 9 interface can establish communication with PLC , HMI devices can automatically detect RS232, RS422 or RS485 connection. Note : Use a PC to download the HMI when the project is through the RS232 serial communication , and some PC serial port does not support high-speed communication rate ( eg 115200bps), so as long as the baud rate of the project will be sent down on it.

Owned configuration software easy to use

PT Series HMI Human Machine Interface for controlling industrial processes are visualized . It provides engineers with an easy to use development environment and powerful features , configuration software engineers to quickly build, test and deploy connected . The Powtech inverter real-time online monitoring system is made from the " System Configuration " and " real-time operating system," two parts. HMI Func Design Configuration System configuration environment is very similar to VB, C + + BUILDER other visualization advanced programming software, especially important is the introduction of variable configuration software , controls , events, concepts of functional operation , making this software group state of the interface is simple and clear, but it can edit a complex powerful features, this software to learn, approachable , industrial and technical personnel just half a day will be able to skillfully use the software engineering application , greatly shorten your project design development cycle.


The product can be recycled

We are actively engaged in environmentally friendly design, production , distribution and recycling process . Environmental protection is part of our overall strategic decisions . OAK drive will safeguard lives , providing a more secure products , and optimize the consumption of energy and natural resources . 88% of the parts used can be recycled . They can achieve compliance with European directive WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ) energy recovery ( incineration with energy recovery ) or material recovery ( recycling ) .

Lead-free solder

The Powtech inverter as the production of environmental protection and energy-saving products, high-tech environmental enterprises, from procurement of materials, to manufacturing , injection was every aspect of environmental protection is an important task . In about 2000 years ago, as the main component of lead solder metal bonding dissimilar materials began to be used , and today for industrial machinery , computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and other electronic products · Almost all electrical printed circuit bonding materials. However , has always been used as the main component of the solder Lead is a bad influence on the environment substances ( environmental load substances ) , so with environmental awareness , people requirement excludes the use of lead . July 2006 , the European implementation of WEEE & RoHS directive, the main component of the solder containing lead or sale of lead as the main ingredient used in the product that is not licensed in Europe . Therefore The Powtech inverter and global efforts to promote many manufacturers use lead-free solder , is committed to comply with WEEE & RoHS directives. The Powtech inverter, manufactured using lead-free solder . This lead-free solder with Sn-Ag-Cu ( tin, silver, copper ) lines and Sn-Bi ( tin and bismuth ) is solder as a main component , but also add Ni (nickel ) and Ge ( germanium ) . With excellent adhesion and heat resistance and thus inhibit oxidation of dross ( tin oxide ) reduction of outstanding features.

Strict material selecting and rational combination
The Powtech inverter , the materials used in accordance with the principle of minimal environmental impact choice . Conform to disable lead, hexavalent chromium and other materials European Directive ROHS ( Restriction of Hazardous Substances ) .

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Three Dimensional Image LCD HMI / Human Machine Interface For Frequency Converter

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About Shenzhen Powtech Co., Ltd.

Membership Free member Registration Date2014.02.28 Country/RegionChina CityShenzhen Contact Powtech(Mr.)

Shenzhen Powtech Co., LTD is dedicated in power transmission and industrial automation technology product research, development, production and sales, rely on European latest technology to set up our platform, self research and software development, we focus to high-quality high-performance products and provide convenient services for our clients. Supplier, Enterprise, Employees and users achieve success together.

Learning from others, Powtech brings together the elite team in the field of frequency conversion and control, has engaged in years of senior research, procurement and manufacture team, makes the high-quality products; Also introduced in the frequency converter industry engaged in more than 10 years of marketing team, to provide professional, high quality service to customers, "Integrity, unity, pragmatic, innovative" as Powtech's spirit, to build brand new high quality talents in the field of frequency conversi

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Year established 2001
Employees total 101 - 500
Annual revenue USD 1,000,001 - 2,000,000

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Company Shenzhen Powtech Co., Ltd.
Address 3A Floor, Block B Xin Bao Sheng NO.233 Xi Xiang Avenue BaoAnShenzhenGuangdong518000China
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