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High Density Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells For Electric Vehicles / PowerTools

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High Power Density 11190316 50 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells For Electric Buses 


Specification :


Capacity: 50Ah prismatic soft case

Voltage: 3.2V

input cut off voltage: 3.65V

output cut off voltage: 2.0V

Normal charge and discharge current: 0.5C

Max input current: 1C

max output current : 2C

Instantaneous charge and discharge current :3C


Storage temperature:≤1 month: -20~+50

1 month: -10~+35

Working Temperature: charge : 0~+45

Discharge: -20~+60


Cycle life:2000 times at 80% of capacity


Lifepo4 battery advantage :



1. LiFePO4 battery is smaller and lighter comparing with lead acid battery in same capacity. It saves space.


2. LiFePO4 battery can release more power and the life is longer at severe environment. Its starting ability at low temperature is stronger.


3. LiFePO4 battery life is more than 2000 times,its service life around 10 years. which is not affected by slowly charge and discharge


4.Safe battery,safely use


Item LiFePO4 battery
Over charge No explosion, no fire, highest temp <130
Over discharge No explosion and no fire
Short circuit No explosion, no fire, surface temp <150
Thermal shock No explosion, no fire
Heavy shock No explosion, no fire

Surplus capacity ≥ nominal capacity ×95
Voltage decline≤0.5
Impedance increase rate≤20

No obvious damage, no leakage, no smoke, no explosion

Drop No leakage, no smoke, no explosion


5. LiFePO4 batery discharge at high rate,higher starting current


6.LiFePO4 -- No pollution

    No any heavy metal and rare metal. no harm to human and environment when producing, transporting,     using and abadon !


Electric Vehicle Lifepo4 battery pack Model list :


Module Voltage Capacity Application Battery cells Type
EV-64400-01 64 400 Electric Sanitation vehicle Lifepo4
EV-96240-01 96 240 Electric Sweeper truck Lifepo4
EV-384200-01 384 200 Electric business vehicle Lifepo4
EV-384180-02 384 180 Electric 7.2 meter business vehicle Lifepo4
EV-001-72100-01 72 100 Tourist electric car Lifepo4
EV-001-7260-02 72 60 Tourist electric car Lifepo4
EV-001-6060-01 60 60 Tourist electric car Lifepo4
EV-002-6050-01 60 50 Tourist electric car Lifepo4
EV-537144-01 537.6 144 7 MetersElectric passenger car Lifepo4
EV--538160-01 537.6V 160Ah 8.3 meters Electric passenger car Lifepo4


Application :


Lifepo4 battery pack are main to applied in Electric Sanitation vehicle ,Electric passenger car ,electric pure car ,electric transport vehicle ,electric tourist ,electric tricycles .




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