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RV Deep Cycle Batteries For Electric Vehicles High Power Output 384V 200Ah

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Hunan Soundon New Energy Co., Ltd.

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High Power Output 384V 200Ah Electric Bus Batteries For Electric Vehicles


 voltage/Capacity 384V/200Ah
Voltage Working Range 300V---438V
Total energy 76.8KWh
Configuration 10P 120S
Charge Max continuous current ≤200A
Discharge Max Instantaneous Current ≤400A(30S)
Continuous Current ≤200A (60min)
Working Temp. Range Discharge: -20~60
Charge: 0~45
Storage Temperature -2025 (3-6months, 50%SOC)
-2045 (1-3months, 50%SOC)
-2060 (within 1 month, 50%SOC)
Relative Humidity 5%~95%
Charge retention


(28 days,25,SOC50%)

Resistance ≥100MΩ
Protection Level IP54
Total weight ≤950kg
Cooling Method Natural cooling



Stable discharge performance, good rate performance. Consistency of the battery pack. Higher energy density and high capacity Safer and more reliable. It does not explode or burn when bump, heavy stress, needle pricking, short circuit, overcharge and overheat. Accredited with ROHS, without any hazardous and noxious substances Small in volume and light in weight. No memory effect. Wide temperature range: from -20 to 45 Customization and global after-sales service can be provided for free.



Soundon Lithium ion battery system:


1) Cathode Materials :


NCM material with Power , high energy density and high discharge rate  types 

Lifepo4 material : 


2) Lithium ion battery cell :


NCM battery cells capacity range :10-25Ah ,

high energy density >190Wh/kg 

Long cycle life; 1C/1C 100%DOD, at 2000times, with 80% SOC 

are mainly used in Electric cars ,electric motorcycle 


Lifepo4 battery cell capacity :20-50Ah ,high energy density >130Wh/kg

Long cycle life; 1C/1C 100%DOD,at 3000times, with 80%SOC

 Applied in electric vehicles ,electric bus ,Solar energy storage system ,telecom base station ,UPS


3) Small battery module :


1.Battery cells combinations to small module like :3P--3.2V60Ah, 4P--3.2V80Ah,3.6V50Ah, 5P-3.2V100Ah ,3.6V62.5Ah


2. Battery module energy density: 150Wh/kg


3. With Our unique battery shell made of alluminium alloy, assuring the light weight and sructural strength, protecting the cells from damage, also contributing to heat dissipation performance.


4)standard battery module :


1. Positive & negative electrode of battery module with V-CUT design, FAIL-SAFE function

2.Laser welding used for the module formation, to lighten the weight, and the energy density of the module is 160Wh/kg

3. Unique material and structure, optimizing passive heat dissipation efficiency, without cooling system


5) Power lithium battery pack 


1. Using standard modules, with more flexible series-parallel connection, meeting the demands of different clients
2. Strict consistency selection of battery modules and cells, assuring the stability of whole system


      6) SounodnBattery pack with unique Cloud platform


         1. Real-time and remote monitoring the battery pack
         2. Safety precaution and intervention
         3. Tracking and location of the battery pack
         4. Aftersales service
         5. Data analysis and support
         6. Sales and display service



Soundon is an Professional lithium ion manufactory for electric vehicles,Energy Storage system




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