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Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries For Electric Vehicles / Battery Electric Car / Solar System

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Hunan Soundon New Energy Co., Ltd.

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More Powerful Lifepo4 72V200AH Electric Vehicle Batteries for Electric Car ,Bus , Solar System


Specification :


1. battery cell : 20Ah  prismatic lifepo4 battery cells 

2.battery pack :72V200Ah with thermal Managerment 

3. BMS :with date output ,safety alert ,keep and transfer data with vehilce 

4. dimension : 960mm*420mm*320mm,sealed case , antiflaming , vibration resistence



BMS bascal function :


  system function :


  1) BMS system discharge manager 

  2) power : one for power wake up ,one for CC inspect

  3)CAN communication 

  4) total voltage ,current collection 

  5) battery cells voltage collection 

  6) Temperature  collection : >6 pcs 

   7) Balance function  

   8) project update 

   9) LCD display ( tounch type ,PC ,communiction CAN total line )

   10) dormant consumption  <5mA


2) Battery system security Manage  :


         Voltage,current  monitoring

         overcharge ,undervoltage alarm 

         over current alarm 

         over temperature alarm

          insulation alarm


 3) CAN communication 


when vehicle is driving ,BMS can transfer the vehicle running data to the motor controller , BMS  CAN fullfill with charge , BMS  can achieve communication BMS and charging devices, so that the charging device to fully   the battery situation  to ensure the safety of charge. 1 road network CAN, a program for programming and PC .





1.Large-scale electric vehicles: electric bus, electric car, E-Tour Car
2. Light electric car: e-bike, electric scooter,e-motor, electric golf car, forklift, cleanness car, electric wheelchairs





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