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Lifepo4 36V 10AH Electric Bicycle Battery Replacement Safety Light Weight ISO9001:2008

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Hunan Soundon New Energy Co., Ltd.

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36V10AH Rear Rack Shape Electric Bicycle Battery With Safety ,Longer Distance For City Bike


Specification :


Item Parameters Remark
Capacity  Capacity:10Ah  
Rated Voltage 36V  
Charge Cut off Voltage 42V CC&CV
Discharge Cut off Voltage 24V  
Charge conditions Standard charge current:0.5C  
Rapid Charge current:1C
Instantaneous Charge current:3C
Discharge conditions Standard discharge current:0.2C  
Rapid discharge current:0.5C
Instantaneous discharge current:1C
Impedance MAX 160mΩ  
MIN 140mΩ
Working Temperature Charge (045)  
Discharge (-3060)
Storage Temperature 1 month -1045

Relative humidity≤90%


3 months -1025
Dimension Length ≤275mm  
Width ≤75mm
Height ≤390mm



Advantage :


High quality, high voltage 48V 10Ah Li-Ion rechargeable battery for E-bike

No memory effects, longer storage life, light weight

Wide range of working temperature

High energy density

Manufactured under ISO9001:2008, to ensure the quality and the safety of batteries

Customized shapes, capacity, and voltage can be accepted.

Strict quality control, high safety level

24-month warranty, 24-hour hot line, good after-sale service



Application : 


Electri scooters ,electric bike ,electric foldable bike ,electric mountain bike ,electric city bike ,electric mobility motorcycle ,electric tricycle 



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