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Landee Flange Co., Ltd.
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About Us Landee Flange , a division of Xiamen Landee Industries Co. , Ltd , is a professional and ahead Flange manufacturer based in China . Landee is engaged in Industrial Supplies peculiarly Pipe Flanges including Blind Flange , Orifice Flange , Lap Joint Flange , Slip-On Flange , Socket Weld Flange , Threaded Flange , Weld Neck Flange and more . gamey quality and free-enterprise flanges made by Landee are used for a variety of applications , chiefly in petroleum & raw gas transportation , water treatment , energy generating , chemical producing and mine processing industries pipeline . Landee stocks a encompassing range of Flanges in several materials , sizes and specifications , meeting quality standards such as ISO , API , ANSI , BS , JIS , UNI , MSS , SP etc .
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